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Here are some of The Thought Leaders we have helped
Cynthia Thurlow
Founder, CHT Wellness
Cynthia was already an experienced Health and Wellness coach & Nurse Practitioner. However, she wanted to take her experience in health and business to a global level. Today, Cynthia’s TEDx talk that we helped her land has over 4 million views. Her social media and email list have exploded into the tens of thousands. She is filled with clients until the end of the year and literally has to turn people down. Press, podcasts and media are now pitching her, like  Cynthia is now one of the world’s top leaders in her industry and becoming a household name in the health and wellness space. 
Eli Nash
Co Founder, MicDrop
Already a successful entrepreneur, Eli wanted to share his struggles and lessons about the controversial issues of sex and porn addiction, however he didn’t know how to consciously articulate it. We helped him through this process and to get clear on his idea and mission. His TEDx talk now has over half a million views and has led to praise and a partnership with 2-time NBA champion, Lamar Odon, as well as landing top podcasts and media.  
Mariangela Abeo
Founder, Faces of Fortitude
Mariangela was passionate about her mission of helping families process and deal with suicide of loved ones. However, she wasn’t getting the traction she wanted and was uncertain what to do. We helped Mariangela crystalize her idea, and since working with us she has already been featured on E! News and Yahoo , and grown her social media by the thousands....all before her TEDx talk has even gone live on YouTube! She just delivered her TEDx talk where she received a standing ovation.
Zander Fryer
Founder, High Impact Coaching
Zander already had a coaching business that was doing well, however he wanted to take it to the next level and become a global authority in his industry. His TEDx talk has over 40k views and he effortlessly enrolls coaching clients because they know exactly who he is, what he stands for and what his company values are. 
Kyla Sokoll-Ward
Coach, Facilitator 
Kyla was a coach and speaker who had never been paid a penny to speak and wanted to get paid gigs, but didn’t know how to start and was hesitant about investing in herself. After working together, she’s landed three TEDx talks, booked her first paid speaking gig for $3,000 and been invited on TV and multiple podcasts. 
Neha Gupta
College Shortcuts
Neha wasn’t sure if she would be able to land a talk and wasn’t clear on the idea she wanted to talk about. Today, she’s landed two TEDx talks and delivered her talk to over 600 people. Since her TEDx talk has gone live, she’s been featured on CBS, Good Morning San Diego, Newsweek, and
Jason Reid
CEO, Founder, ChooseLife
Jason was already a successful entrepreneur when he first found us, but he had a new mission burning inside of him after his son took his own life in March of 2018. Jason is now making headway on his mission to end teen suicide by 2030. His TEDx talk has over 100,000 views, he's producing a full length documentary film to be released in the spring of 2020, and he's been featured in LA Weekly, Psychology Today, top parenting podcasts and most importantly, saving lives and impacting thousands of people. He just delivered his 2nd TEDx talk, expanding on the mission of his first talk.
Founder, Mindfresh
As CEO of Mindfresh, Jen was hesitant about how much time it would take to land a TEDx talk and wasn’t sure if her idea was a good fit. Since working together, Jen landed and delivered the perfect TEDx event for her message. Her talk has been reposted on the official website (which receives roughly 30 million website visits per year.) 
Frankie Bonilla
As a school teacher and educator, Frankie had lots of ideas he wanted to share but didn’t know how or where to start. The clarity he received working together led to him landing 4 TEDx talks and he is now a renowned thought leader in reinventing education and empowering youth
Elsie Moses Hoeg
Elsie knew she had a quality message but wasn't sure the best way to structure her talk or how to get invited to speak on stage. In working together, Elsie got the clarity she needed to powerfully deliver her idea. As a result of her TEDx talk, a professor at Drake University has updated his course curriculum to include what Elsie shared in her TEDx talk.
Mike O’ Krent 
Founder, Stories Alive
Mike already had an established business, however he wasn’t receiving the credibility and support he wanted to take his mission to the next level. Mike’s TEDx talk is now making waves and he is a global authority in his field.
Laura Mattia
Laura was already an experienced financial leader and researcher, however she didn’t know how to get her message out. Since working together. Laura has landed 2 TEDx talks, been featured on 2 of the top wealth podcasts in the world, was offered to speak at Twitter on Women’s Finance and invited to interview with the WSJ. She is a global authority in women’s finance.
Kien Vuu
Clinical Professor of Medicine (UCLA), Founder The Live Again Project
Although he had years of experience in health & western Medicine, Kien was looking to get his innovative health knowledge out to the world in a powerful way.  We helped Kien hone in on his unique idea and structure his talk. Since his TEDx talk has gone live, he’s been invited to speak at numerous conferences around the country to share his expertise.
Lucas Mack
Founder,Vulnerable Heroes
Lucas set a goal to get on a TEDx stage as he felt compelled to share his message about what we can do to stop child abuse. He achieved that goal in April of 2019 and felt the experience to be life changing for himself and for his business. His TEDx talk has over 107,000 views and led to creating his Nonprofit (Vulnerable Heroes), which has helped him reach so many more people and move his mission forward to break the cycle of child abuse. 
Denise Wozniak
Certified Speaking Coach, Author
Denise  had been trying without success to get on the TEDx stage for years. She found the application process confusing and was unclear how to hone down her ideas into one powerful message. After we started working together, Denise was able to book a TEDx in just 7 days! Not only was Denise able to fulfill her dream of doing a TEDx talk, she also now has a clear system to implement to spread her talk.
Kevin Breel
Writer, Comedian, Activist
Before working with Taylor, Kevin had never been paid a penny to to speak. Kevin wanted to end the stigma around depression, but didn't know how or where to start. Taylor helped Kevin land a TEDx talk as well as title it and spread his TEDx talk. Kevin's talk now has over 4 million views. His talk has been reposted on and he's been featured in The Today Show, Forbes, CBS, NPR, Upworthy and landed a 6 figure book deal with Penguin because a literary agent watched his talk. Kevin has now done over 250+ paid speaking gigs and travels the world full time as a speaker sharing his message.
Matt Balducci
Entrepreneur, Speaker & BioHacker 
Matt had dreamed of giving a TEDx talk but was seeking support, focus and structure. He has landed 2 TEDx talks since working with The Idea Collective. When Matt first started he had no idea how to land a TEDx talk, but also how to share his message in an impactful way. He's a true believer in The Idea Collective methodology and feels he wouldn't have been able to knock this off his bucket list without working together. 
Mary jane cLAYDON
Mary Jane was hesitant to work with us because of the investment, but she believed it would be worth it and moved forward towards he vision. She was chosen over 151 other applicants to give a TEDx talk because of how she presented herself on her video submission, which she credits to working with The Idea Collective. Her biggest takeaway is the clarity and confidence she has around her message and purpose.
How We Began
The short story is our founder, Taylor Conroy, gave a TEDx talk (his first-ever public speech) 8 years ago on an idea he was extremely passionate about. That talk exploded his speaking career (he started getting gigs at Harvard, Google, The United Nations, Disney, 100+ more) and made a huge impact (funded 500+ schools, libraries, homes & more impact projects for 200,000+ people in developing countries.) 

After the massive success that stemmed from Taylors first TEDx talk, he built a team of branding and communication experts to help authors, coaches, entrepreneurs & health practitioners clarify their idea, amplify their voice and share their message on a broad scale. We’ve now helped 200+ people share their ideas on TEDx stages and more through our proven, step-by-step process.
Who We Are & What We stand for
We are a high-vibe team from diverse backgrounds with one common theme: We all believe that one idea has the power to create a movement. Speaking is the most effective catalyst for creating positive change and transformation in the world. That’s why we spend our time turning people with groundbreaking ideas into thought leaders and influencers that reach a global audience.

The journey of saying ‘yes’ to an inner calling to share your message is the first courageous step. The transformation you experience through the discovery of clarifying your idea, amplifying your voice and spreading your message has the power to shift humanity. That is what we stand for and why we exist.
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